The DundeePlexus is a place to  read, listen and think about and discuss news and hot topics in medical ethics.  As you follow the links or read the posts here, think:  What is your opinion about these issues? What human values, ethical principles, professional codes of conduct and legal issues are involved? What is the source of your information and how does this introduce bias into the perspective given?

Why not get together with a group of friends to debate the issues on this web page -to broaden your perspective and to help you verbalise and advance your thoughts on these issues?


In the context of his mother dying of cancer, award-winning film-maker Adam Wishart considers the genetic implications for him personally and what new genetic technolgies means for the NHS.

An article by Telegraph journalist Andrew Brown, commentating on patient comments left on NHS Choices website. Well, ARE Gps rude and rich?

Michael Buerke discusses the government’s new initiative to increase drug company acess to NHS patients to stimulate research:

The “morning-after pill” is available today for the first time from pharmacies without patients (including girls under 16) having to see a doc (only in Wales). Why not leave a comment below and start a conversation about this?

From April 1st 2011, prescriptions will be free in Scotland, but the price for each prescription in England will rise to £7.40. What are the arguments around this. Is it fair? Dip into this:

The BBC aired an excellent documentary by Adam Wishart about babies born at 23 weeks and the controversy around keeping them alive. Are we doing more harm than good? The film has now been withdrawn from i-player but you can listen to a Radio 4 discussion about these issues.

Testing kits are now available to buy, to test for prostate and bowel cancer, for example. Is this a good thing, or could it cause more harm than benefit? Do you have an opinion? Check ouit the BBC website:

CPR is not relevant for every patient. There is new Scotland-wide guidance on “Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation” (DNACPR), launched in 2010. Essential reading for medical students and doctors. Based on the revised Joint Statement produced by BMA, Royal College of Nursing and Resuscitation Council (UK) (2007) and the new GMC guidance on End of life treatment and care (2010), this integrates care in the community with hospital DNACPR policy. Follow the links to read more: (DNACPR) (End-of-life)

Listen to a BBC interview with Barbara Harris, who has set up a charity in the US that pays drug addicts to undergo sterilisation. The project is being extended to the UK and the first UK addict this week was paid to have a vasectomy. What do YOU think about this? Listen to the rationale and concerns behind this:

Project Prevention website:

The paediatric cardiac unit at John Radcliffe Hospital is to close following paediatric deaths. A safety committee set up in the wake of the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry have decided that this very specialised service would be safer provided in fewer centres in England. Read more:

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